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Bruschetta Toppings

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Bruschetta Toppings

Tall Italian Bruschetta Toppings and Spreads are a delicious addition to quality toasted sliced breads or appetizer crackers!  

In its simplest form, Bruschetta Italian spread is a very easily made snack or appetizer:  the best bruschetta recipe is but a slice of quality bread, toasted so that fresh raw garlic cloves can be robbed (and grated) against the crunchy bread surface, plus a little olive oil and some additional baking if desired, and finally some crushed tomatoes with little salt and basil.  This will do the basic job.  

However, why bother when you can get a great appetizer spread out of one of our jars, to find those same fresh ingredients (or other equally delicious variations of wholesome Italian goodness) already perfectly combined by Italian artisan producers?  When your guests and family comment how good it is, you may (or may not) cleverly say:


“It’s not home-made, it’s Tall Italian bruschetta!”